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Category : Ts Medical

Keguguran karena demam berdarah

kematian janin berusia 17 minggu . Ini adalah kasus yg malang di mana ibu terinfeksi virus demam berdarah. Ini adalah penyakit yg menyebar di daerah tropis, nyamuk menyebarkan penyakit ini di daerah-daerah tertentu di dunia, tetapi dapat muncul di mana saja karena aktivitas perjalanan. Gejala virus ini dapat ringan sampai berat. Kebanyakan pasien mengalami demam tinggi dengan sakit kepala parah dan nyeri otot yang parah. Ibu hamil yang terinfeksi bisa mengalami keguguran, lahir mati atau berat lahir bayi rendah. 17 […]

Transplantasi jantung

Ini adalah jantung yang diganti dengan proses cangkok jantung. Jantung yang rusak dikeluarkan dari tubuh pasien, dan diganti dengan jantung yang sehat dari pendonor. Jantung yang rusak akan diteliti dilaboratorium agar diketahui penyebab kerusakanya, seperti jantung yang masih berdetak di vidio ini. Jantung ini membengkak karena mengalami cardiomegaly. Pasien dengan jantung seperti ini akan cepat meninggal seandainya tidak mendapatkan pendonor jantung. Oleh sebab itu, sangatlah penting bagi kita menjadi pendonor organ, karena kita menjadi sangat berarti walaupun kita sudah mati. […]

ascites , cairan di rongga perut

Click to view video. mrs_angemi Sometimes when a person dies they have abdominal fluid or what is called ascites. This can be present in many disease processes. In this can the fluid is yellow and collected in the patient because they had end stage liver disease. When the liver becomes cirrhotic- most commonly in chronic alcoholics and people who have Hepatitis C, there is venous backup and the fluids have nowhere to go and start pouring back into the body […]

brain bleeds / pendarahan otak karena kecelakaan.

In general, brain bleeds are characterized by there locations and what causes them. There are exceptions to everything though. In a case like this, if you were only give a photo of the brain, you may think this was a subarachnoid hemorrhage. A subarachnoid bleed in most instances is cause by a ruptured berry aneurysm. However, on closer inspection of the brain, you can see the blood is actually pooling above the arachnoid layer. This can be confirmed when looking […]


HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Tweet #HealthHack In this time lapse video – we are witnessing a macrophage (white blood cell) engulfing microbial invaders during an immune response. Our immune cells can read our mind, record our focus & respond to electromagnetic waves passing through our mind (ie. thoughts & feelings). Thus, we can firmly control the function of our immune cells by controlling our thoughts & emotions. For example, when we experience negative emotions like stress, worry or […]

glioblastoma / brain cancer

Pathology in the news!!!!! Our Vice President Joe Biden’s son died yesterday at age 46 from brain cancer. Officials have not disclosed the type of brain cancer that killed Vice President Biden’s son Beau Biden, but most likely it is a glioblastoma, a very aggressive tumor. This brain tumor has a baaaaad prognosis. Without therapy, patients with glioblastoma die within 3 months. Patients treated with optimal therapy, including surgical resection, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, have a median survival of approximately […]

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