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Category : abnormality

Ectopia cordis (short vidio)

     I (Mrs Angemi) know how you guys love pathology videos and this one is sooooooo amazing sent to me by @daminishankar (via instagram) This is a condition called Ectopia cordis. This is a congenital malformation in which the heart is abnormally located either partially or totally outside of the chest cavity or thorax. The ectopic heart can be found in abnormal anatomical locations, including the neck, chest, or abdomen. In most cases, the heart protrudes outside the […]

atrial fibrillation

Click to view video. This one is showing how a real atrial fibrillation looks like intraoperatively. Atrial fibrillation means that there’s an abnormal heart rhythm characterized by rapid and irregular beating, sometimes so fast that the heart muscle cannot relax properly between contractions,  reducing the heart’s efficiency and performance. The cause is an abnormal electrical discharges within the atria. When dealing with atrial fibrillation episodes the main goal is to prevent recurrence, circulatory instability and stroke . This is done […]

Ectopia Cordis

Ectopia Cordis is a congenital malformation… Where the heart is outside of the thorax… It results from a failure of proper maturation of the midline mesoderm & ventral body wall formation during embryonic development. Ectopia Cordis adalah kelainan bawaan, ketika jantung berada diluar rongga dada, hal ini disebabkan kegagalan/kesalahan proses pembentukan dinding tubuh ketika masa perkembangan janin.

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