raccoon eyes

raccoon eyes

When a forensic pathologist is performing an autopsy, they begin with the external exam. This is examining the entire outside of a body looking for evidence of trauma, natural disease and findings which fall within normal limits. While examining a patient, if the pathologist notices they have “raccoon eyes” or bilateral black eyes, they should not automatically assume the person was punched in the face. Though impacts to the nose can cause bilateral periorbital hematomas or blood clots, most of these “raccoon eyes” do not result from a direct impact to the skin. Rather they are associated with blood leaking down into the sinuses and periorbital tissues after a basilar skull fracture involving the orbital roofs. A basilar skull fracture means there is a break or crack in one of the bones that make up the bottom (base) of the skull. (blue arrows) Usually, the pieces of bone do not move out of place. The fracture is just a thin line that separates the bone. Basilar skull fractures often happen in the bones around the ears, nose, under the eyes, or near the upper spine.Most of the time, a basilar skull fracture is caused by a blow or forceful injury to the head. This could happen from a car accident, physical violence or a fall.

mata rakun, ketika kita melihat peristiwa seperti ini kita pasti berasumsi bahawa pola hitam disekitar mata seperti ini terjadi akibat adanya pembekuan darah.
hal ini bukan berarti penderita mengalami cedera langsung disekitar mata, misalnya matanya ditinju atau dipukul. kejadian seperti ini bisa diakibatkan dari cedera di daerah lainya, seperti yg diperlihatkan di gambar, penderita mengalami kecelakaan sehingga ada bagian tengkorak yg patah. darah merembes melalui rongga sinus sehingga darah berkumpul di mata serta keluar dari hidung.

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