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Tag : baby

Ectopia cordis (short vidio)

     I (Mrs Angemi) know how you guys love pathology videos and this one is sooooooo amazing sent to me by @daminishankar (via instagram) This is a condition called Ectopia cordis. This is a congenital malformation in which the heart is abnormally located either partially or totally outside of the chest cavity or thorax. The ectopic heart can be found in abnormal anatomical locations, including the neck, chest, or abdomen. In most cases, the heart protrudes outside the […]

Fetal brain at 18 weeks

Fetal brain at 18 weeks. This is a brain!? Where are all the wrinkles??? The brain wrinkles are called the gyri which are the prominent portion of the folds and the sulci which are the grooves of the folds. These wrinkles or folds increase the surface area of the brain allowing for maximum brain power in our tiny skulls!!! These wrinkles start to appear later in fetal life, after 20 weeks and are gradually more prominent the older the fetus […]

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