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Tag : brain

brain bleeds / pendarahan otak karena kecelakaan.

In general, brain bleeds are characterized by there locations and what causes them. There are exceptions to everything though. In a case like this, if you were only give a photo of the brain, you may think this was a subarachnoid hemorrhage. A subarachnoid bleed in most instances is cause by a ruptured berry aneurysm. However, on closer inspection of the brain, you can see the blood is actually pooling above the arachnoid layer. This can be confirmed when looking […]

glioblastoma / brain cancer

Pathology in the news!!!!! Our Vice President Joe Biden’s son died yesterday at age 46 from brain cancer. Officials have not disclosed the type of brain cancer that killed Vice President Biden’s son Beau Biden, but most likely it is a glioblastoma, a very aggressive tumor. This brain tumor has a baaaaad prognosis. Without therapy, patients with glioblastoma die within 3 months. Patients treated with optimal therapy, including surgical resection, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, have a median survival of approximately […]

Brain or intracranial abscess

Sick photo following a surgical drainage of a brain abscess. An abscess is the collection of pus that has built up within the tissue of a body, for example inside the brain!!! Brain or intracranial abscess is caused by an infection, when a bacteria or fungi find their way to the brain. intracranial abscesses can originate from infection of contagious structures such as otitis media (ear infection), dental infection, sinusitis and mastoiditis that spreads directly into the brain, or via […]

Fetal brain at 18 weeks

Fetal brain at 18 weeks. This is a brain!? Where are all the wrinkles??? The brain wrinkles are called the gyri which are the prominent portion of the folds and the sulci which are the grooves of the folds. These wrinkles or folds increase the surface area of the brain allowing for maximum brain power in our tiny skulls!!! These wrinkles start to appear later in fetal life, after 20 weeks and are gradually more prominent the older the fetus […]

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