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HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Tweet #HealthHack In this time lapse video – we are witnessing a macrophage (white blood cell) engulfing microbial invaders during an immune response. Our immune cells can read our mind, record our focus & respond to electromagnetic waves passing through our mind (ie. thoughts & feelings). Thus, we can firmly control the function of our immune cells by controlling our thoughts & emotions. For example, when we experience negative emotions like stress, worry or […]

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Here is a little insight into the world of funeral viewings from a funeral director intern follower of mine!! She was nice enough to share this amazing photo and some info with us. The top photo shows an elderly woman at death, or how she would look when I would be working on her. Notice this skin has a grayish, dusky hue and the vessels are very prominent. The middle photo shows the body after it has been embalmed. Embalming […]


  Some of you recognized this as purge fluid! We do not see this in every dead body, but often this foul smelling, brown-red thick fluid comes out of a dead body- usually when we move it from the gurney to the autopsy table. The fluid usually exits the nose and mouth after the body is manipulated in some way due to internal decomposition and a build up of gases. ┬áThis is not due to trauma. This is a normal […]

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